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>New Year, New Beginnings

>Welcome to Picture This!

I suppose we should start off with some introductions. ‘Picture This’ is a student organization founded by two Illustration students, Jackie Huang and Laura West, who attend Art Center College of Design.

We were inspired to create our organization after our wonderful experiences through Art Center’s Dot Exchange Mentorship Program. Laura and I learned so much valuable knowledge through the ability to just ask questions and get direct answers from our mentors at DreamWorks and Pixar that we wanted to share that experience with our peers. So we decided to form a club that would allow Art Center students to interact with working professionals through informal Q&A sessions.

We hope to have up to 9 speakers each semester to come and share their knowledge about their life and working experiences with us. Topics will range from production design to storyboards to resume building to developing a business.

Our goal is to explore the opportunities that exist for students with an illustration degree. Many of us want to enter the feature animation field but the reality is that only a handful of artists are picked each year. What do the rest of us do? Hopefully inviting various professionals to our meetings will shed some insight into many possibilities that truly exist and help us transition into successful careers.

So I hope to see you at our Wednesday night meetings on the Hillside Campus of Art Center!

*For the most up to date information and emails about events and upcoming speakers, please become a follower of this blog or join our facebook group: Picture This (Art Center). There will be no mailing list.

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