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>Hitting the Ground Running

>Picture This is hitting the ground running!

We’ve secured a room for our meetings this term. It will be Wednesdays 7:30p – 8:30p on the Hillside Campus inside the Annex building room A2. Please note seating will be limited to the first 25 students that come due to fire safety restrictions. No exceptions.

We want to give an extra special thanks to a very talented graphic designer at Art Center, Jaime McFarland. She designed our logo and is helping us create all our marketing/advertising necessities.

Laura and I are working hard putting things together and we’re glad to say it all seems to be coming together. We’ve got a list of really exciting speakers prepared to come for the term. Some of them include:

Bruce Block
(Author, ‘The Visual Story’ & Adjunct Film Professor, USC)

Aimee Marsh
(Story Artist, DreamWorks Animation)

Ben Zhu
(Artist and Owner, Nucleus)

Christopher Ramirez
(VP, Artime Group)

Kathy Altieri
(Production Designer, DreamWorks Animation)

We’ve still got a couple slots open near the end of the term to fill but we’re ecstatic that we were able to get 5 speakers so quickly and who are at the top of their fields.

In addition to our speakers, we’re also planning to do film screenings if possible. It’s important for anyone wanting to go into the film business to have an understanding of its language and structure. We’ve got one planned during midterms week at school because we didn’t think it was fair to get a speaker to come when there is a good chance the room would be empty. Also, if any speaker has something more important come up at last minute we’ll run a film as well.


Out of respect for our speakers and their time, they will not be reviewing portfolios unless otherwise noted. So instead we’ve got another really cool thing planned as long as our speaker is willing to participate as the judge. It’s going to be a weekly art exercise/contest.

Each week I’ll send out via facebook and post on this blog the next event. In it will be a free prize to win, such as an ‘Art of..’ book, a gift card, etc. To win this prize you must complete a drawing/sketch/painting (in whatever medium you please) that is based off THE prompt phrase I give.

Reminders: Complete a drawing/sketch/painting (in whatever medium you please) that is based off the phrase. The piece must contain your name on the back. Please photocopy or scan/print out your image if it is inside your sketchbook as whole sketchbooks will not be accepted. Your drawings will be collected during the meeting and the guest will pick the winner.

For anyone on campus, next Wednesday (Feb 3rd) will be our first group meeting.

This is going to be an exciting semester!

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