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>Bruce Block Recap

>We couldn’t have imagined a better way to kick off the term! Bruce Block was our speaker and gave an amazing lecture on the visual structure of story telling. Not only was it informative, as he condensed everything you’re trying to learn at Art Center down to 50 minutes, but he was entertaining as well.

Bruce’s book, “The Visual Story”, is the basis for his lectures. It’s an amazing resource for visual storytellers, and gives an in-depth explanation of all the topics he covered and more.

His lecture was packed with information, but in review Bruce says there are seven basic components to visual structure:

1) Space
2) Line
3) Shape
4) Color
5) Tone
6) Movement
7) Rhythm

And the key to making great work is based on the principle of contrast and affinity, which is defined as ‘the greater the visual contrast, the greater the visual intensity; the greater the visual affinity, the less the visual intensity.’ You should apply the principle of contrast and affinity to the 7 basic visual components.

Above all else, remember that everything serves the story. As Bruce says, “If you don’t understand your story structure, you will never understand (how to create) the visual structure.”

A packed house


Bruce trying to pick his favorite drawing.

So many to choose from….

He ultimately chose an illustration by Jocelyn Liang.

He explained that he liked it the best because it showed
many examples of the things he just lectured about.

Bruce Block holding his favorite piece, while
Jocelyn Liang holds her prize (a free signed copy of his book).

The following are other student entries:

Paul Cohen

Elsa Chang

Ian Abando

Yi-Jen Liu

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