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>Christopher Ramirez Recap


Christopher Ramirez came out for an engaging discussion on business practices, tips for collaboration, and some great life advice.
In addition to advising us to be open to criticism in order to find the value in the critique, he told us to eliminate fear, and be direct. When trying to resolve a disagreement of opinions among collaborators, Christopher advised us to identify our target audience for an objective view–it’s hard to argue with the opinion of your target audience! He also emphasized the importance of making sure the expectations and goals of everyone involved in a project are clear, and that they coincide. Mutual expectations are the key to successful collaborations.
In terms of career advice, Christopher said that the squeaky wheel adage is true for him, to not be afraid to move laterally if it’s to your advantage, and to stay current in your skills, even if you are taking a hiatus from your career. Regarding life advice, Christopher reminded us to stay centered, stick to our values, and make sure our priorities are clear.
For the art exercise, Christopher surprised us all by going with a last-minute submission of a bag of raisins from Paul Cohen stating that it was concept over execution. Paul won a copy of “The Alchemy of Animation.” Congrats to Paul. Don’t do that again.
Paul Cohen
Ian Abando


Thanks to everyone who came out during a busy Week 7, and a big thanks to Christopher for sharing his experience and knowledge!
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  1. >Raisinz

    March 4, 2010

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