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>Aimee Marsh Recap


We had a great turn out considering it is week 8 and everyone has midterms. So thanks to everyone who came out today!

Our guest speaker was Aimee Marsh, who were able to reschedule. She was a great guest speaker and answered all our questions honestly.

Most of the things she spoke about regarded story boarding. Aimee said if you go into story boarding you’ll often hear the joke, ‘You aren’t so much story boarding as you are RE-boarding.’ So for anyone thinking about going into story boarding, you’ll want to be able to work fast and loosely because a lot of your work might wind up on the editing floor.

Thus some of skills you’ll need to develop are gesture drawing, expressions, an understanding of staging and camera angles. Aimee also said that ‘Story people are movie people.’ If at all possible, make an effort to watch one movie a week to keep current and educate yourself. Watch movies in the genres you like and figure out why you like them.

There were a lot of questions regarding portfolios and Aimee mentioned that having pages and pages and pages of boards for just one story isn’t always the best way to go. Try to have pages of boards that are just one scene from several different projects. In addition, try to vary the stories you are presenting and definitely try to include an original story by you. When people are looking at your portfolio, they want to see how you would tell the story, so don’t necessarily try to gear your portfolio to their kind humor or stories. Stay true to you because if you’re good, they’ll find a place for you. Beat boards are also ok to include and gesture drawing is also suggested.

Lastly, Aimee’s final advice was for us not to rely on getting into feature animation. She insisted we find things that speak to use and encouraged us to pursue that.

And congrats to Elsa Chang for having this week’s winning drawing!

Aimee having a great time answering and asking questions.

Aimee looking through the entries for “67%”.
Aimee holding the winning drawing by Elsa Chang and
Elsa holding her prize, $25 gift card to AMC.
Elsa Chang

Ian Abando

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