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>Jean Mitsunaga Recap

>Our speaker tonight was Jean (Jeanie) Mitsunaga from Art Center’s Office of Career Development. For those of you who don’t know, Jeanie has been an integral part of Picture This. Not only was her DotExchange program the inspiration for our club, but Jeanie herself has been gracious enough to donate prizes to our members but also gifts for our speakers.

We were lucky to have Jeanie come and share her expertise in resumes, cover letters, interviews, thank you notes, and so much more. 

Jeanie began by giving some information about her background. She’s been with Art Center for over 20+ years and even teaches a class. Each semester Jeanie and Tony Luna teach a class called ‘Presentation and Career Preparation’ (SOC-324). It’s an amazing class that fills up quickly but worth taking if you can.

Jeanie gave out this thick folder that has handouts explaining the services of the Office of Career Development, the details of writing resumes, cover letters, and thank you notes, as well as, interview questions, networking tips, and negotiating. We have about 10 packets left so if you’d like one, please pick one up at our next meeting.

Here are some key points Jeanie talked about:

  • As an artist your resume is judged not only by its content but also by its design. So personalize your resume with a nice design, logo, illustration, etc. just make sure it doesn’t become gimmicky and the content is always key. Also, if you’re going to use color, makes sure it’s only in the embellishments since most people print your resume in black and white and color or gray text does NOT reproduce well.
  • The purpose of your resume isn’t to get you a job but to get you the interview that gets you the chance to get yourself the job.
  • Although writing cover letters may seem tedious, it something you should always do. The purpose of the cover letter is to personalize your package and needs to be targeted to a specific company. Thus avoid generic cover letters.
  • Interviews can make many of us nervous. But Jeanie said remember that if you’re going to an interview that means the company wants you to succeed and hopes you are a good match. So don’t worry too much that they’re purposely trying to trip you up with trick questions. They’re just trying to figure out what kind of person you are. So be honest and get to know who you are before going into the interview. The best way to do this is by reviewing typical interview questions (50 were presented in the packet Jeanie gave out).
  • In terms of email thank you’s vs. snail mail thank yous, Jeanie said get a feel for the interviewer and send whichever you feel they’d prefer. Just remember to send one!
  • If you’re ever caught in the situation where you’re offered one job or internship and aren’t sure if another offer is going to come through (or won’t be for a few weeks) you’ll have to consider your options carefully because if you commit to the first offer you cannot recant. “It’s like being asked to the prom by your prefect date but you already told someone else yes. You’re stuck!” says Jeanie.
  • A key to networking is to try and communicate with your contact without asking them for anything. One suggestion is to share with your contact a common interest or something your contact would be interested in.
Of all the knowledge Jeanie shared with us this evening, her final advice was to really evaluate who you are in your heart. Follow your passions, be proactive, and simply show up.

Jeanie giving a great talk about career development

Jeanie trying to choose a drawing for ‘cat’

Jeanie was so nice that she couldn’t pick just one winner
so she gave both Ian Abando and Elsa Chang
(the only entries) a free copy of
‘Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines’

Elsa Chang

Ian Abando

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