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>Lorelay Bove Recap

>We were delighted to have Lorelay Bove as a guest. She brought an amazing array of original gouache paintings, and shared several slideshows of her development work and graduating portfolio. It was helpful to see her process, as well as to hear what it’s like to start in the art department at Disney.

She began by talking about how she’s asked to design many versions of things like costumes and props. She explores a variety of shapes and colors, sometimes working digitally, and sometimes in gouache. Her tips for gouache include working small, keeping white space in reserve, and planning things out in thumbnails first.

Lorelay also emphasized the importance of keeping things fun, even when doing many versions of the same thing. She also talked about finding ways to bring new ideas to a project, even when it involves staying late and working on your own time. She said that that kind of enthusiasm is very well received.

Lorelay also interned at Pixar, and shared the importance of including your own development work in your portfolio. She advised that we choose a story and do all the development work, especially character expressions, character interactions, environments, and prop designs. She also mentioned the importance of including characters in all environment layouts.

In terms of parting advice, she said to watch movies, especially classic cinema, do color studies of the classic cinema stills, do lots of figure drawing, lots of sketching, and, most importantly, have fun.

And we’d like to congratulate Ian Abando for having the winning drawing for ‘Trouble Lurking’ this week!

A large turnout for the lovely, Lorelay Bove

Lorelay choosing her favorite illustration for ‘Trouble Lurking’

Lorelay Bove holding the prize, ‘The Art of Princess
and the Frog’,and Ian Abando holding
his winning drawing for ‘Trouble Lurking’

Ian Abando

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