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>Kathy Altieri Recap

>Our first speaker of the term was Kathy Altieri, a production designer at Dreamworks Animation. She was a very funny and enthusiastic speaker who shared a lot of great information about her career path and development work for How to Train Your Dragon.

A few notes about what she said while answering questions:
• There is a move towards digital college in development work because it’s easier for non-artistic people to ‘see’ what the final is going to look like.
• If you’re looking for an edge regarding your portfolio, consider putting in some maya models.
• Also think about the studio you want to work for and consider developing work that suits them. For examples, Dreamworks is moving towards films designed for teenagers so consider making characters and stories that a teenager would find ‘cool’.
• They are always looking for good taste and artistry, both in visual and emotional sophistication and of course imagination!
• In regards to creating a skill specific vs. general portfolio, Kathy said it’s always better to show off what you are good at and love doing. Emphasize your strength and give additional skills is great.
• Also consider putting in prop sheets with an understanding of 3d space.

Lastly, her final advice to us was “get whatever work you can.” Take whatever job comes your way, especially right out of school. Your first job isn’t ever going to be your last and you’ll find that one job will lead to another and another. So get yourself in the door and build whatever skills you can.

A very full crowd in our new room
Kathy speaking


Kathy judging the ‘seeing red’ entries


David holding his prize, The Art of How to Train Your Dragon Book, and Kathy holding his winning drawing for “seeing red”


David Merritt


Ian Abando

Dan Tickle


Paul Cohen


Joshua Lee

Jocelyn Liang

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