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>Craig Elliott Recap

>We’d like to say a big thank you to Craig Elliott for coming and sharing his time and work with us. Craig talked about the scope of his work, including his fine art, illustration, production design, and character design work. He talked about the importance of doing your own work in the style you like–he said that the work in your portfolio is what you’ll get hired to do, so make sure the work in your portfolio represents you.

In terms of finding work, Craig said that it gets easier after you’ve built a reputation in the field, that people will think of you when they’re putting together teams for a certain project. He said that small studios pay less, but they might have more work for newly graduated students. They can be a great way to get a foot in the door and make connections. He also said that video games and television animation offer more work than feature animation.
Craig’s direct message to us was that the better we draw, the more money we’ll make. He said to draw constantly, get as good as possible, and practice perspective, such as drawing objects in perspective. He said that poor perspective was the biggest indicator of student work for him. Further, Craig said to work on understanding style and design. Because so much entertainment work is derivative, it’s very important to be able to break a style down to its elements, then apply them to your project.
The winner of our weekly drawing project was Yukhi Demers, for his interpretation of the prompt word, Fairy Tale. Craig brought signed copies of his books as prizes. Yukhi won a copy of two of Craig’s books: “Aphrodisia” and published works from his sketchbook. Craig was kind enough to offer a second place prize, a copy of his sketchbook drawings, which went to Elsa Chang. Congratulations to Yukhi and Elsa, and thanks again to Craig for a great evening!

Craig brought a lot of his books and portfolio for students to look through


Craig was also kind enough to do a small crit of the entries


Yuhki holding his first place drawing for “fairy tale” and
Craig holding his prizes, a copy of Craig’s Sketchbook 3 and Aphrodisia 

Yuhki Demers


Elsa holding her second place drawing for “fairy tale” and
Craig holding her prize, a copy of Aphrodisia


Elsa Chang


Jocelyn Liang

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