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>Jeff Turley Recap


Our second speaker for the term was an amazing Disney visual development artist named Jeff Turley. Jeff showed us a lot of his great work he did while attending Art Center. Jeff’s images reminded us of the level of work Art Center students can really achieve when they work hard and where it can get you.

Jeff answered a lot of our questions regarding visual develop and specifically what it’s like to work at Disney. He says unlike other studios, Jeff isn’t just assigned to one show. He has the option to do development work on multiple shows at the same time.

A lot of Jeff’s work was pretty diverse. Some of his work was really flat and graphic, while others were so real it looked like an actual computer rendering. Jeff advised us to be as diverse as that. In doing so, you’re less likely to get pigeon-holed into being ‘that guy who only does …”. Being diverse in your styles and range in technical abilities will allow you to jump from show to show because you can work in whatever style the art director and directors choose. Jeff also emphasized the ability to work efficiently. For him, he works in both traditional and digial mediums and goes with whatever gets the job done fastest.

When putting a portfolio together, Jeff said a big weakness he noticed about Art Center portfolios were character designs. The characters tended to be very stiff because we come from a structural design school. So Jeff recommend we really study traditional animation and acting. Even if we don’t want to be character designers, Jeff said we need to show we can draw characters because every scene you draw is going to have some type of character it in. It’s no good to have a great environment piece and a great character if you can’t put the two together and have it look convincing. Jeff also mentioned, form, lighting and knowing good color are necessities to a great portfolio.

For his final advice, Jeff reminded us to remain open as students. Too often, we focus on getting a job at one company. Jeff advised us not to settle for just one company, but also be very particular about what you want to do. Try to give yourself options. Jeff also wanted us to remember that no matter where you are or how high up, you’ll always be someone’s ‘b*tch’. So make sure you remain humble.



Congrats to Bryan Wong for winning a signed copy of
Peck ‘n Paw for the word ‘Traps’


Bryan Wong


Joceyln Liang
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