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Brittney Lee Recap

We can’t thank Brittney enough for coming to share her career and experiences with us two weeks ago!

She started off by giving a one-hour slide presentation about her work and career. She talked about moving from the east coast to the west coast after college and getting her first job at a video game company. Shortly after, Brittney took some time and decided to shift her focus towards getting her dream job- working in a feature animation studio as a visual development artist.

So she spent lots of time looking up artists she admired and creating a whole new portfolio for the job she wanted. In the meantime, she decided to do some conventions to get some freelance work. As it happened, she stumbled upon the art of paper sculptures which she turned out to love!

While doing the conventions Brittney turned in her portfolio and received an opportunity to join Disney’s Talent Development Program. Towards the end Brittney was sure she wouldn’t make the cut to get a full-time job offer, so decided to do something risky and make one of her development pieces as a paper sculpture. As you and I would guess, it was very well received and Brittney is pretty sure job offer was influenced by just doing the thing she loved – paper sculpts.

After her presentation, Brittney came back and did a paper sculpt demo. She came in with a drawing of a bird and a large stack of different colored papers. And so, she spent the next 2.5 hours carefully cutting out pieces of paper before meticulously gluing and painting in the details.

To be honest, I thought Brittney would have some magic tricks up her sleeve that allowed her to make those breathtaking paper sculpts but in all honesty, Brittney just uses a regular #11 exacto blade, a hot glue gun, a rolling glue dispenser (used in scrap-booking), and gouache. All her supplies can be found at Michael’s. Even her paper is just down the scrapbooking aisle.

Brittney literally, spends hours slowly cutting out bits of paper and gluing them together. It’s just like watching someone put together a puzzle and when they’re finished you have even more respect for what they do.

the drawing Brittney brought to work from

finished paper sculpture

After the event, we raffled off the paper sculpture Brittney crafted during the event to one lucky attendee. Brittney was even kind enough to stay a while longer and sign some prints for fans. She created an exclusive digital illustration just for Motivarti and we did a limited run of 50 prints. We still have some available for sale here.

Also, we’re editing the footage we recorded of the event and will hopefully that up and running sometime in the fall.

A special thanks to Karen Rosenbaum for taking the event photos!

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  1. Emily #

    Please let me know when the prints go on sale!

    July 21, 2011
  2. Johanna #

    Thanks for sharing the photos of this event! I’m from other country so I can’t have the opportunity to see her presentations! Thanks agains for sharing this! Can’t wait to see the footage 🙂

    October 26, 2014

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