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Landscape Painting Registration Closing Soon

We have some spaces left in the landscape painting class with Kathy Altieri! Kathy is super friendly, knowledgeable, and fun to paint with.  She has always had lots of great advice to share not just about painting, but about the animation industry as well.  Check out some stuff she shared with us through Picture This.

Being well versed in landscape painting can have tremendous impact on your portfolio.  Many companies like to see landscape paintings in portfolios because it gives them a very good sense of your skill level.  Through landscape painting you learn to observe the way light naturally exists which in turn helps your ‘made up’ paintings because you know how light would really effect that environment.  In addition, landscape painting is one of the best ways to understand color.  When you observe light, you also observe how your environment’s colors change.  So if you’re wondering how to be a better ‘colorist’, landscape painting is a big key.

If anyone is interested in taking this class, please register soon.  Registration for Landscape Painting with Kathy Altieri ends THIS Friday, September 2nd.

Class will begin next Wednesday morning. (Enrollment has closed)

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