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How to Protect Your Work and Not Get Sued

NOTE: Motivarti is running a special! Sign up for both Legal Workshops this Fall and receive $40 back!

Next weekend we’re running a workshop with intellectual property lawyer, Michelle Katz.  I first met Michelle when she gave a short lecture in my business 101 class.   She was covering the topic of copyrights.  Immediately, I was intrigued.  I probably raised my hand about 15 times to ask questions.  At the end of the lecture she announced that she would be teaching a class on intellectual property law next semester and I definitely signed up.

I have to say that of all the classes I took while attending Art Center College of Design, this may have been the most useful.  Michelle has an extensive resume when it comes to intellectual property law.  You know all that fine print you read at the end of big contests for studios?  Well, Michelle is well versed in that – so wrote a lot of it.

In the workshop, Michelle is going to cover the basics of copyrights – what are they, when do you get them, HOW do you get them, and what they do for you.  More importantly, she’ll also cover when you know someone is violating your copyrights and when you’re violating someone else’s.  If you use another artist’s style to create a portfolio piece, have you just violated their rights or is it considered fair use?  For that matter, what is fair use?  In addition, one of the most interesting things you’ll learn are copyright myths.  There are so many out there and Michelle will help you sort them out.

So if some of that sounded confusing or you didn’t know how answer those questions, do yourself a favor and take our workshop next weekend.  Get it (and more) explained to you in understandable terms so you can protector your work and protect yourself.

For more info on the workshop, click here.
(workshop has concluded)

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