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Registration Extended (Themed Environment Design)

We’re excited to announce we’re extending the deadline to register for our Themed Environment Design class with Chris Runco!

Registration will now conclude Monday, September 25th. (Note, the first class begins Monday, September 12th but you may still register and begin attending after the first class.)

This is going to be a very exciting class that isn’t offered anywhere else!  You’ll not only learn about theme park design from a well versed designer, but how these skills can be transferred into many other disciplines.  By learning the principles of environment design, you can easily apply them to restaurants, store-front displays, museums, zoos, and much more!  In addition, these  overall concepts can be very helpful when creating fictional environments for background paintings or even layout compositions for both TV and feature animation.

The class will meet for 10 sessions (8 Monday nights and 2 Saturday field trips).  While in-class, you’ll learn to brainstorm, write descriptions, draw storyboards, create sketches, and learn presentation skills.  There may also be the opportunity to build models traditionally or using digital software.

Don’t miss this opportunity learn from one of the best in the entertainment industry!

For more info please click here.
Registration is closed (9/25)

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