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October Legal Workshop

Michelle gave a FANTASTIC workshop back in September that explained the in’s and out’s of copyrights, trademarks, and fair use.  So if you missed her last workshop, you definitely won’t want to miss our last workshop of the year!

If you’re about to graduate, a recent graduate, or moonlighting, you’ll want to sit in on this workshop.  Michelle is going to cover the right way to start your freelance business. She’ll make sure you learn about all the right forms you’ll need to file so you’ll know you’re doing everything legally.

Michelle is also going to cover contracts – something none of us can avoid and something everyone ought to know how to read, write, and interpret.  More importantly, Michelle will also share some insight on what to do when clients don’t fulfill their end of the deal – i.e. don’t pay.  (This happens more often than not, unfortunately).

And if you plan on attending the workshop, be sure to bring your laptop with you.  Michelle will share with you a copy of her contract templates!  This a workshop every artist should attend!

For more info, click here.

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