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Mentor of the Day

While it’s very exciting to present to you the very talented mentors we have participating  in our Motivarti Mentorship Program next Spring, we also realize it might be a very difficult choice for some of you when deciding to who apply for.

First off, please note that you are more than welcome to apply to multiple mentors!  You don’t have to pick just one.  And if two or more of them offer you a spot you can decide to take one, both, or none!  Also note that I can’t promise all our mentors will be coming back.  (That will be up to them.)  So take advantage while you can in case they don’t.  Remember, they’re very busy professionals!

Now, back on track.  To help you guys get to know our mentors a little more, we’ll be starting to doing a “Mentor of the Day” post each day for the next several weeks.  These posts will give you a bit more info about the mentors in terms of who they are, what they’ve done, their style, ideas, influences, etc.  Hopefully in doing so, we’ll shed some light on who would be the best fit for you.  So if you haven’t do so already, please join our mailing list (to the right) or follow us on Facebook or Twitter so you’ll know when these posts go live.  Thanks and stay tuned!

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