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Mentor of the Day: Rad Sechrist

If you haven’t yet visited story artist, Rad Sechrist‘s blog, Rad How To, you’re missing out on what some called, ‘a goldmine.’ Rad Sechrist has always been an advocate of gaining knowledge and passing it on.

For the past 4 years, Rad Sechrist has worked at Dreamworks animation as a storyboard artist on Kungfu Panda 2, Megamind, How to Train Your Dragon 2, and more. He has also worked in comics on the “Flight” series and done character design for Cartoon Network and Disney tv.

In his interview on Character Design Blog, Rad mentions that he originally studied and graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from UCSB.  But he always had an interest in art so, “after I graduated, I studied art at schools like Watts Atelier, L.A. Academy of Figurative Art, Concept Design Academy, 3 Kicks Fine Art Studio, and the Animation Union. I still take as many classes as I can each term.”

When Rad came to visit Picture This (the former Motivarti), he talked a little bit about his experiences working in a studio and things he’s learned.  One thing he mentioned was his surprise at seeing how slowly and deliberately some of the story artists draw, even though their work looks fast and gestural. He said that in the long run, your drawing process will be faster if you take the time to think about a mark before you put it down.

And now, Rad gives back to the artistic community by sharing the knowledge he’s accumulated over the years.  He has taught several classes at Concept Design Academy and LAAFA.  He specializes in helping artists invent figures based off life drawing.  Anyone who has tried to do this knows it’s much harder than it sounds and takes a while to make that jump.

We’re thrilled to have Rad Sechrist joining us as a Motivarti Mentor!  Rad would be a great mentor for anyone looking to break into the animation industry as a story artist.  Currently, Rad is looking to take on just one mentee who can meet with him in person (so driving distance of Los Angeles).  He’s open to sharing his knowledge, as well as helping his mentee gain more storytelling and drawing a skills.  Rad is also hoping to help his mentee revise any portfolio pieces and/or creating new ones too.  There are just 3 weeks left to apply to the mentorship program for the Spring.  So don’t miss out!

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