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Mentor of the Day: Victoria Ying

From her Little Golden Book’s version of Tangled to her exquisite visual development pieces for Disney, Victoria Ying‘s artwork will bring a smile to your face.

Victoria Ying was raised in Southern California watching Disney Films and reading comic books. During middle school she’d already made up her mind that she wanted a career in the arts, and after high school attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California where she majored in Illustration with a minor in Entertainment Design. During an interview with Art Center College of Design, Victoria talks about her time spent there and why she wanted to attend.  She also talks about her thought process when designing:  “I like to try find worlds that the character can touch, things that the character can actually effect, and move the action forward as opposed to just being a princess and ‘oh, this stuff is just happening to me.’  So that’s the kind of thing I find interesting and if it’s not built into the story I try to build it into the story.”

Determined to pursue a career with Disney, she worked first at Imagineering before transitioning to her current position at Walt Disney Animation Studios as a Visual Development artist. Her work has appeared in the films Tangled, Prep and Landing, and many other up-coming, but as yet unannounced, projects.

In addition to her visual development work, Victoria Ying is an avid fashion illustrator.  You can view her beautiful illustrations on her website and her fashion blog, 3 Ways to Wear It.  Her art blog is also regularly updated with delightful and charming illustrations as well.  Many of them are little watercolor gems.  So be sure to check those out!

Now, with what spare time she has left, Victoria has joined her hubby, Mike Yamada, as a Motivarti Mentor!  Victoria is open to taking on 3 mentees from anywhere in the world!  She hopes her mentees will have “their own unique vision and is passionate about art of all kinds with an open mind and a good work ethic.”  Victoria is open to creating exercises tailored for her mentees if it would help them with some skills.  So whether you’re looking to jump to the next skill level or revising some portfolio pieces, Victoria is opening to helping you!   So apply soon to be Victoria’s mentee!

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