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Mentor of the Day: Scott Watanabe

Our last, but not least, amazing Motivarti Mentor: Scott Watanabe!

Scott Watanabe is a graduate from San Jose State University with a degree in animation/illustration. For the last 4 years, he has worked at Disney Feature Animation as a Visual Development Artist on Tangled, Paperman, and Wreck it Wralph. He is also the creator of the successful book, Peck and Paw and the Black Mirror.

Before becoming a full time visual development artist, Scott entered Walt Disney Feature Animation through their apprenticeship program.  In an article with The Scarament Bee Scott talks a little his time there:

Watanabe was lucky enough to be assigned two mentors: Bill Schwab, a Disney character director who worked on “Princess and the Frog,” and Raffaello Vecchione, a character sculptor whose creations help artists render three-dimensional computer-generated figures.

“He practically lived at the studio during his apprenticeship and impressed us right from the start,” said Schwab. “One of Scott’s many strengths was not only his ability to draw and create beautiful art, but to think. He is an idea person, which is a huge part of our job in visual development. Scott has definitely become a go-to artist at the studio.”

Some advice he gave to aspiring artists in the article: “Don’t stop drawing and don’t be afraid to come up to someone like me and show them your drawings at any time when you’re young. We’re all just normal people, and we’ve all been in your shoes.”

Check out his amazing work he’s done since then on his portfolio site and blog.

And now, Scott joins us as our final SPRING 2012 Motivarti mentor!  Scott is opening to taking on 3 mentor from anywhere in the world.  Scott is hoping to help nurture blossoming talent to it full potential.  He’s open to doing project-based assignments and portfolio revisions as well as share the industry knowledge he’s gathered.  Remember, there are only two weeks left to apply!

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