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New class details: Crafting Story-Based Images

We’re thrilled to present to you a fantastic class we’re offering this summer: Crafting Story-Based Images with an amazing teacher, Richard Keyes.

Great visual storytelling is about capturing that moment of tension when characters teeter on the precipice of action and reaction. As entertainment artists, we are in the business of creating images that grab the viewer’s attention, whether that viewer is our art director, a stranger, or someone reviewing our portfolio for a position. It essential that we know how to craft an image that contains its own gripping visual narrative, while alluding to its place in a larger story.

We’ve been talking to established artists and recent art school graduates about what they wished they’d learned in art school. What we heard was that they graduated with the tools to develop great hand skills and an understanding of composition, but still need to know more about visually communicating the dynamic (and frequently character-driven) shifts in tension that propel a great story. To address this need, we created a class that will combine lectures with hands-on image-making assignments.

The ultimate goal of Crafting Story-Based Images is to provide you with the tools to take static portfolio pieces, visual development paintings, and illustrations and catapult them into dramatic dimensionality by giving them context and tension. The course will begin by identifying the visual tools that ancient, modern, and contemporary master storytellers have used to craft compelling visual imagery. We’ll go on to examine the idea that a single image can contain its own timeframe, with a suggestion of what happened a second ago, and what will happen a second from now, with the ultimate goal of emotionally involving the viewer. One of the common pieces of feedback about portfolios is the lack of context in many images, and this class aims to help you create relationships and context in your work.

Class time will concentrate on lectures and critique, with each week spent on different categories of story-based imagery. Four projects are planned, each addressing story-based image-making from a different angle, with an eye toward bringing a higher emotional level to your portfolio and personal work. In addition, we hope to bring in a distinguished industry professional as a guest lecturer to shed light on their experiences and the importance of using story-based images to pitch their ideas.

We’ve been fortunate to have Richard Keyes, a professor at Art Center College of Design for the last 22 years, agree to lead the class. He is passionate about storytelling and film, and his enthusiasm for teaching is unmatched. He presents meticulously researched and thoughtful lectures, and offers direct, insightful, and constructive critiques on student work. Many of his former students have gone on to do internships at all the major studios.

We’re very excited about the opportunity to offer this unique class, and we look forward to seeing the work that results. More than that though, we’re thrilled to offer a class that addresses an area that challenges many artists, with the end goal of providing answers that may help open doors and transform careers.

For more information about the class and registering, please visit here.

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