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Motivart Mentorship Fall 2012 Open

Applications for the Fall 2012 Motivarti Mentorship Program are now available and being accepted from JUNE 25, 2012 – JULY 20, 2012!

From gaining general industry knowledge, to creative exercises for improving skills, to creating new portfolio pieces our last round, our mentees had some amazing experiences!   In our upcoming ‘mentor of the day’ posts we’ll talk more in depth about their experiences and what they learned with our returning mentors.  Here’s just the tip of the iceberg.

For the most part, mentees spent 10 weeks getting to know their mentees and more about the area of the entrainment industry they were interested in pursuing. “I think the most important thing I learned is about workflow, storytelling, lighting things out. And to improve on some more technical aspects like contrast, perspective, getting reference, etc. Basically, what I need to be able to do to get into this field.” – Frank Hartenhoff (mentee of Chris Alzmann)

Most first meetings were composed of getting to know each other’s backgrounds and mentors reviewing mentee’s portfolios.  From there, the mentors gave some feedback as to where they felt the mentees could improve.  Together, they set up a 10-week plan as to what they hoped to accomplish as well as how they wanted to communicate (email, set weekly meetings, etc).  Andrea Tamme (mentee of Victoria Ying), says “make sure you bring to the table things that you want to discuss and learn about. That way you get out of the mentorship what you’d like to, rather than the mentor guessing at what you’d like. Art and the business of it is a broad subject, after all.”

The best way to make the most out of your mentorship?  “Have clear goals in mind and know what you specifically want to learn, and ask lots of questions. Work hard and draw as much as possible — the more work you can show each week, the more feedback and critique you get, so put in 110% of your effort and offer as much as you can.” – Sarah Sloyer (mentee of Scott Watanabe)

And a BIG congratulations to Ran Jing (mentee of Louie del Carmen) for getting into Blue Sky’s Story Trainee program!  Louie says, “I’m quite proud of her and thought from the very beginning I saw her portfolio at CTN that she had it.”

We’ve got another exciting list of mentors participating this round that you can check out here!  As a reminder, our mentors are all working professionals with very busy schedules, so we can’t promise they’ll be back.  If you see someone you’re interested in learning from, we encourage you to apply as soon as you can.

Elsa Chang(mentee of Lorelay Bove)

Jennifer Ely (mentee of Kathy Altieri)

Frank Hartenhoff (mentee of Chris Alzmann)

Nikolas Ilic (mentee of Leighton Hickman)

Ran Jing (mentee of Louie del Carmen)

Click here for more information regarding applications!

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