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Mentor of the Day: Victoria Ying

We’re thrilled to welcome back Victoria Ying as one of our Fall 2012 Motivarti Mentors!

Victoria participate last round as a mentor and helped her mentees learn a lot.  Andrea Tamme, one of her mentees, said “I was interested in learning about technique and structure, such as tips and tricks as well as trying to remedy my weaknesses in art overall. I had done a fair bit of research in to the job itself but still had questions about it, so that was another important thing to learn!”  But, “By far the most important thing I learned was how to improve myself. Along with that were storytelling and compositional elements, plus of course methodologies and practice ideas.”

Here are a few examples of what she and Victoria accomplished.  ” We redid some of my original portfolio pieces and then made fresh images and designs based on a new project.”  We think it’s amazing to see the before and after.





But by far, Andrea mostly enjoyed talking with her mentor and being able to see Victoria’s points of view.  Who would Andrea recommend apply to Victoria?  “Those who would like to know and understand more about the particular field of work they’re interested in, and how that field of work might be interested in them as an artist. You also have to be motivated and willing to give it your all with an open mind.”

As for Victoria, a full time visual development artist at Disney Feature Animation, “I’m looking for mentee who has an open mind, who is willing to accept may different ways of approaching a problem and also willing to work hard at communicating those ideas. I would like somebody who has pretty solid fundamentals and would like to work on idea generation and making things work specifically for animation.” Victoria hopes, “to meet somebody who is special and show me their unique way of looking at the world.”

A little fun fact: She live with my husband who is also a Visual Development Artist, but works at Dreamworks, along with our two cats.

And check out Victoria and her husband, Mike Yamada‘s latest Kickstart project!  What they’re accomplishing is beyond impressive.

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