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Mentor of the Day: Craig Elliott

We’re happy to be welcoming back another one of our Spring mentors, Craig Elliott!

His past mentee, Malgorzata Arksa, had a great experience working with Craig.  Malgorzata entered the program in hopes of learning more about composition and shapes, but also more general information about the industry.  “I improved on many ways so it’s hard to give one.. I guess generally my skills improved a lot and I never learned so much in such short time period!”

And she definately put in the effort – check out the amazing work below she accomplished with Craig!  If you get the mentorship with Craig, Malgorzata recommends you work hard and use this amazing opportunity as much as it’s possible.

As for Craig, also had an amazing time. “Everyone has techniques and approaches they take, and each one is valid. I always learn from the mentees as well!”

This time around, he’s looking for “someone who is hard working and willing to accept advice, and new ideas into their working habits. The more you put into the program the more you will get out.”

The program with Craig is structured based on a longer initial talk and portfolio review- “I will give assignments that will help the mentee learn and expand into areas that they need to, and want to. I can help someone fill out a portfolio so that their work is more marketable to studios and clients.”

Craig is a highly versatile professional with a lot of great experience in drawing environments, characters and the human figure. Expertise in perspective and the human figure are his strongest drawing skills. He’s an master at painting in oils, and digitally both the figure and environments as well as characters. He’s also willing to share his knowledge in Maya and other 3D programs.

Many of you may not know, but Craig is an artist of many trades.  Aside from Craig’s work in animation, he has a fine art career, Craig’s Fine Art has been shown in Paris at Galerie Maghen, Canada at La Galerie, New York at Arcadia Fine Arts, and Los Angeles at Gallery Nucleus . He also has created a line of fine art jewelry as well as prints and products related to his fine art paintings.

So if you’re interested in working in the entertainment field and/or want to learn how to expand your career, Craig is the mentor for you!  Apply soon!

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