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Mentor of the Day: Marcos Mateu-Mestre

If you’re interested in expanding your skills in lighting and composition to help your storytelling Marcos Mateu-Mestre is the mentor for you!

Currently a Visual Development Artist at DreamWorks Animation, Marcos has been working in the entertainment industry for over 20 years as visual concept, traditional animation layout, and graphic novel artist.  His work as a film maker have mostly included both the design and cinematic aspects of film, taking care of frame composition, lighting and visual continuity of many key sequences in some major productions. Some of his credits include ‘Balto’, ‘The Prince of Egypt’, ‘Asterix and the Vikings’ and ‘Surf’s Up’ amongst others.

In addition to working full-time, Marcos has also been teaching drawing, illustration and visual storytelling techniques for twelve years. So we’re thrilled to have him joining Motivarti as a mentor!  “To me the teaching / learning process is about planting a seed that the mentee will eventually be in charge of taking care of and make it grow, while enjoying being in the right path to somewhere that is never completely reached.”

Marcos is looking for a mentee that already has some drawing experience under their belt so he can really help them focus on storytelling instead of drawing issues. His ideal mentee is “somebody with a gut instinct for this media, interested in learning the theory but also in using it in a creative way, coming up with his/her own ways of applying it. Basically being capable of thinking outside the box when the situation requires.”  He’s willing to work either digitally or with ink on paper.

Marcos would like to maximize the time with his mentee, so would like to base the sessions on the ideas he has developed in his book ‘Framed Ink‘.  “I would start with still shots that would represent / transmit specific emotions to eventually go into developing a continuity in which lighting and composition would be essential to create certain moods, rhythms and emotions.”  And if you’ll be at Comic-Con this year, stop by his booth to say hello and be sure to check out his new book, ‘Trail of Steel“!

Random Fun Tidbit: Marcos loves the European graphic novels he grew up with.

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