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Mentor of the Day: Craig Harris

Many of you have asked us to find some great animators as mentors, and we’re excited to present another, Craig Harris!

Craig began as a traditional animator who now specializes in 3D Animation, 2D animation, Character Design, Background Design, Modelling/Texturing (Maya), MEL Scripting for both animation and games. He started his career interning at Spumco on He Hog the Atomic Pig. From there he went on to learn 3d animation programs and worked his way into the video gaming industry as a 3D animator for Activision.  In 2005 he took a year hiatus to work for a world class Disney and Dreamworks animator James Baxter at his studio in Pasadena. He now uses his experience and enjoyment of wearing many hats to produce games for Big Red Button.  After a short while, games lured Craig back and since then he has worked at various game companies animating for some, and working as a concept artist at others. Currently, Craig is an animator at Blizzard Entertainment in Irvine, California.

All of Craig’s experiences make him a very well rounded mentor for any one hoping to work as an animator! “I hope that I can help introduce mentees to some ideas and concepts that they may not have heard of before, and to build a strong foundation that they can continue to build on for the rest of their careers. I would hope to have a strong enough mentee that I could introduce to others and help them to expand their networking base, as that is an important step into the industry.”

Craig’s ideal mentee?  “My ideal mentee would be one that doesn’t want to draw or animate like everyone else, but would rather draw or animated like “themselves”. In other words they would want to learn the principles involved with the skills and find their own methods of solving problems to achieve those principles that make great designs or animations. I am open to all levels of experience. I would prefer that the mentees have a clear direction and clear goals that they would like to achieve. And that they have the time available, motivation, and follow thru to achieve their goals.”

He plans to spend the 10 weeks, helping to set specific assignments to help his mentee with principles pertaining their their area of interest.  Craig hopes these assignments and finished pieces will strengthen his mentee’s portfolio and prepare them for the professional world.  “I have a ton of information from a wide range of sources, and I am very happy to share with anyone that is motivated enough to put it into practice.”

Take a moment to check out his blog if you aren’t familiar with his work.  And if you’re looking for animation mentor, Craig has a versatile career that is sure to help expand your skills!

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