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Mentor of the Day: Octavio Rodriguez

Octavio Rodriguez had such a great time mentoring, we’re so glad to have him back as a Fall mentor! Octavio really enjoyed helping to build upon the talent that his mentees already have to reach utmost potential.

His mentee, Calvin Tsang felt he learned more than just drawing, but “how to I express myself as an artist, not a just a drawing tool.”  The most interesting thing he learned was his mentor’s thinking process and working habit.  Calvin says he left the program with “a clear direction for my career path and a strategy to achieve the goal.” But his favorite part of the program? “We becomes friend.”  Calvin recommends that anyone who gets the mentorship with Octavio takes it as a full time job if they want to get the most out of it.  Here’s a sample of the work he accomplished. Follow by some work accomplished by Nathaniel Villanueva, another one of Octavio’s former mentees.

Calvin Tsang (above)

Nathaniel Villanueva

Nathaniel Villanueva

Nathaniel Villanueva

Nathaniel Villanueva

Next time around, Octavio hopes to guide potential storytellers on their path to success.  He hopes his mentees are “hungry to learn. Either seasoned or some experience. Takes direction well and follows through with the assignments. Side note, can take construct criticism, so we can reach their untapped potential.”

Currently a story artists at Pixar, Octavio has both feature and TV story training. He has experience in fast paced schedules for scripted TV as well outline form episodes. Octavio also has experience with TV development, in terms of creating a show from the ground up which entails producing a TV bible, designing the chars, backgrounds, to writing the episodes…the whole shebang!  So anyone hoping to get into storyboarding should definitely consider having Octavio mentor them!  If you missed your opportunity last time, be sure to apply to Octavio soon!

And tomorrow is the start of Comic-Con!  If you’re going, be sure to stop by and say hi to Octavio! He’ll be sharing a table (G4) with  Louie Del Carmen and debuting their new books!

Fun Fact: I started out as a bio major my first year in college (my father’s a doctor and he wanted me to follow in his footsteps), even though deep down inside I always had a passion for life drawing & comics. I wanted an apprenticeship with Burne Hogarth while at Cal State LA, however, a professor at CSUF, who was also a friend of Burn Hogath’s, told me that CSUF was going to begin an animation department. Even though I was a little hesitant because I was unsure if I could make a living in animation, I took a risk, changed colleges, and changed my life… for the better! I’ve always drawn my whole life, it’s second nature to me. I can remember creating extensive origins on characters I would draw in junior high, and loving every stroke! Those drawings and bios eventually became comics that I would sell to the other kids in school. So, in a sense I always knew I wanted to be a storyboard artist, even if I didn’t know the correct terminology.

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