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Ran Jing’s Experience as a Mentee


We recently heard back from Ran Jing about her experiences with the mentorship program.  Ran was Louie del Carmen’s storyboarding mentee, who worked hard and got into the Blue Sky Animation training program.  Here’s what Ran had to say:

I am a recent grad from NYU Tisch film production program. It’s always been my goal to work in animated feature film industry. I realized that the industry tend to bring in very specialized talent. NYU has a great emphasis in story telling, which is also the area I have the most interest in, so I decided to focus on preparing myself to be a story artist during my senior year.

NYU has an emphasis on script writing and directing. However, I have to find free time to better my draftsmanship on my own. Also, NY is away from the “film” industry in LA. I tried very hard to break into the industry. I took some studio tests during my senior year. The comments I got is very constructive, however, they are very general. I always wish I could show my work to someone and get more detailed comments. Then, the Motivarti mentorship comes in to place. It’s a perfect opportunity for me to fill the gap between school and the industry, to make up what I missed at school.

The ten week mentorship with Louie is an amazing experience. He helped me identified where I am during our first meeting. He helped me made a big step by pointing out where my strength and weakness are, as well as giving me a direction to target on improving. With all that in mind, we start our journey by coming up with concepts. Then we worked on writing script outline, break it into sequences, choose the strongest one and make them into boards. The whole process is like what we do in a real studio environment. During the whole process, Louie’s comments are constructive and honest. Louie also made himself very easy to reach during his busy schedule.

I definitely improved a lot on the mechanics of film making (drawing skills, film language, speed). However, what I believe is even more valuable is the “conversation” part. Before we get started on drawing anything, we would invested a lot of time in just thinking about the scene, who the characters are and how we can show it visually. Louie helped me developed a mind-set for creating believable characters, bring life to a story sequence. Those skills helped me tremendously when I start working at Blue Sky.

It’s very fun and exciting to work with Louie and I grow a lot as a story telling.

Below is some of her work.  For more, check out her awesome blog. For more info about our mentorship program, check it out here. Congrats again to Ran Jing!  

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