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Mentor of the Day: Victoria Ying

VictoriaYing_tangled4We so happy to be returning with our third round of our Motivarti Mentorship Program!  As usual, we’ll be doing our ‘mentor of the day’ posts so you can get more information regarding our mentors and what it’s like to work with them.

We’re kicking off our Spring 2013, mentor of the day post with Victoria Ying!  Victoria Ying is a visual development artist at Walt Disney Feature Animation working on their new films as Wreck-it-Ralph and Frozen.  Victoria has always been a long time supporter of Motivarti since it’s beginnings and is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge through our mentorship, classes at Concept Design Academy and even workshops at Gallery Nucleus!

James Woods worked with Victoria last round to develop a child’s illustration book assignment that would be submitted as a university project and updated a vast amount of his portfolio. You can see the amazing work that he created below!

James_Woods_02 James_Woods_03 James_Woods_03az James_Woods_05

James talks a little about working with Victoria – “I enjoyed the process of receiving personal feedback from an artist I’ve admired for a long time, whilst also developing a friendly relationship with somebody in the industry.”

He learned it’s important “to draw consciously for an audience. What’s the use in creating work for others if they don’t connect with it?  Also to never feel too precious about your drawings until you know they’re heading somewhere, otherwise you can spend far too much time, developing a dead end in your drawing when you could start fresh with a new, better idea instead. Sometimes, the new drawings may not work and you realize why your initial sketch had appeal from the start.”

“I recommend this scheme to any young artist looking to expand, understand and tie up loose ends in their work. The mentorship is basically what you bring to it, but for me at least, she’d set me assignments to complete each week regarding my area of interest and would then draw over my pieces to help my understand the directions I could push my work in. This was great because I was learning about the choices I should make and the restrictions I should also consider, as well as being coached about the way i should work so that it feeds harmoniously into the collaborative studio pipeline. Overall, the experience was awesome! I made a friend and a mentor.”

James’s advice to Victoria’s next mentee: “Be very serious about the opportunity, an openness to constructive criticism, have a strong passion for character and story and to have fun!”

Well said James!  Be sure to check out Victoria’s profile page and previous mentor of the day posts here and here.

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