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Mentor of the Day: Dan Krall

DanKrall_6For Spring 2013, we’re welcoming several new mentors and are happy to welcome Dan Krall!

Dan has worked for 18 years in animated television and film as a Background Designer, Background Painter, Story Artist, Character Designer, Art Director, Development Artist and is a Children’s book Author and Illustrator.

Before entering feature animation, Dan worked as a background artist and designer on various TV shows such as ‘Dexter’s Laboratory’,  ‘Camp Lazlo’, ‘My Gym Partner’s a Monkey’ and ‘PowerPuff Girls’.  He has been an Art Director on the shows ‘Chowder, ‘Scooby Doo Mystery Inc’ and the Annie and Emmy awarded, ‘Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends’.

After a long career in television, Dan moved onto feature animation as a character, concept, and environment artist on the feature film, ‘Coraline’.  Based in Los Angeles, California, Dan currentlyl is a Visual Development artist DreamWorks Animation. On top of his career in animation, Dan has 5 children’s books Published with 2 author credits.

“I received an enormous amount of help when I was starting out and would like to provide the same help to someone else. If i can help someone achieve their artistic and career goals faster and achieve a personal voice and start making work that in turn touches other people that’s all i want out of the relationship.” With his glowing career in the entertainment industry, Dan will be a fantastic mentor to anyone looking to break into the television industry, feature animation and/or book illustration world.

Be sure scope out Dan’s complete profile and apply soon!

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