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Mentor of the Day: Samy Fecih

SamyFecih_8As the Motivarti Mentorship Program continues to grow, we’re happy to announce that we’ve also begun to expand with international mentors!  We’re happy to welcome, Samy Fecih, a Lead Animator at DreamWorks Animation in India!

Samy has an extensive work history from TV animation to commercials to special effects to feature animations.  Some of his credits include “9”, “The Tale of Desperaux”, “Narnia: Prince Caspian”, “Avatar”, “Ironman 2″ and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow Part 1 & 2″.  For a complete list of his credits, check out his IMDB page.

Samy also has some great stories to share about his work experience. “When I was working on Ironman 2, as I do lots of activities, I like to show to my supervisors or the director my references, or directly mime the scene to have their approval on the ideas. My shot had Ironman landing on a car during the Monaco sequence, as I was asking them the way he should fall I was throwing myself on the floor many times until my sup said “Please stop to throw yourself like this you’re gonna hurt you! Ok make him fall as you wish”, everything went fine until the director changed his mind and asked for Ironman to fall on his back, and just before shooting my references I saw my sup telling me a crashing mat was on his way to allow me to do my references, as they didn’t want to see me break my back.”

With his experience, Samy has a wealth of knowledge to pass onto his mentee.  Samy has been a mentor with Animation Mentor and is eager to join Motivarti.

“I hope to get a mentee that I will keep contact with and perhaps meet them one day.  I always kept contact with all my students, through facebook or linkedin- always keep helping them the best way I could.  Some of them became very good friends of mine. I also send them job offers, give recommendations or try to sneak them in the companies I work in, but this is something they deserve because of their hard work, some of my lazy students don’t get the same treats.”

So if you’re chosen to be Samy’s mentee be sure to work hard!  He’s open to taking on one beginner and one more experience animator from anywhere in the world and can communicate in English, French, or Spanish.  Samy already has an idea of what he’d like to accomplish with his mentees, so be sure to check out his profile page to get the full scope.

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