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Mentor of the Day: Octavio Rodriguez

Octavio_PAGE000We’ve heard lots of demands for finding great story artists to become mentors and we can’t be happier to announce that Octavio Rodriguez has decided to return as a Spring 2013 mentor.

Octavio has worked in animation for over 15 years as a story artist.  Some of his previous tv shows were: “Captain Simian & Space Monkeys”, “Catdog”, “Sponge Bob”, “Mighty Mouse”(development), “Jackie Chan”,”Johnny Bravo”, “Megas XLR”, “Bill and Mandy” “Drawn Together”,”Spawn”(Development), “Happy Elf”,”American Dragon”(2nd Season), “Emperor’s New School”, “Mighty B!”, “Fanboy and Chum Chum”, “Clone Wars”.  Currently, he is employed with Pixar Animation working on “Monsters University” and “Dia de Los Muertos”.

In between all his work, Octavio develops ideas for shows and his own publications.  Since 2006, Octavio has self-published five books.  Be sure to check them all out on his blog.

Octavio has been a mentor with Motivarti since the beginning and has had glowing reviews. Last round, Octavio mentored Karla Monterrosa and helped her finish two sets of storyboards for her portfolio, and one set of storyboards for her personal short film.  Karla worked hard and really took advantage of her time with Octavio to accomplished so much!  All the boards below are hers!

Karla talks a little bit about her time with Octavio – “I enjoyed meeting someone who was so professional, gave excellent feedback, and cared so much about my work.

I couldn’t point just one thing out [that as the most important]. I would say everything I learned and the experience of working with someone so talented were the most important things for me.”

And if you’re lucky enough to get chosen to work with Octavio, “Get ready for the workload, prepare your best questions, and make sure you work your butt off. Take this as a full time job.”

Don’t forget to check out Octavio’s profile, as well as his other previous mentor of the day posts here and here.

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