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Mentor of the Day: Clio Chiang

ClioChiang_page03We always love it when our supporters recommend industry professionals they’d like to see as mentors such as story artist, Clio Chiang.

Clio Chiang is a story artist and illustrator from Vancouver, Canada. She started in TV animation on Atomic Betty, then started boarding on Pucca and Kid vs. Kat.  From there, Clio worked on several comic and illustration projects such as the Flight Anthologies and for LeapFrog Books. Currently, Clio works as a story artist for Disney Feature  Animation where credits include Winnie-the-Pooh and Paperman, the former of which she was nominated along with the crew for an Annie award in writing.

As a first time mentor, Clio is open to taking on storyboarders of all levels.  Clio feels the most comfortable in action boarding and will strive to pass along knowledge in making clear, readable compositions along with some tricks on how to move the camera around a “set.”

She will also cover the basics and catch mistakes common to beginners, such as making jump cuts or bad hook-ups, as well as educate the mentee of the differences between boarding for TV and for feature animation, helping to cater their portfolio to whichever avenue the mentee would prefer to go into.

Her ideal mentee? “I would love a mentee who is determined and does a lot of studying up on their own. Story can be a very brain-busting field and an ideal mentee has personal projects they are working on outside of their school work and is passionate about making them come to life. Maybe they draw comics on the side on their own time.”

As for what Clio hopes to get out of mentoring, “I hope to learn on what areas I can improve on to be an effective communicator, and to catch mistakes I make myself. Being a mentor would be a great chance to find out what I would need to improve on in my own work, and try to make sure bad habits don’t get passed along!”

So if you’re looking for a great story artist to work with, be sure to check out Clio Chiang!

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