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Mentor of the Day: Thomas Scholes

tomscholes-oppidum-depthsMotivarti is always happy to have new mentors return for following sessions.  So we’re more than happy to welcome back, Thomas Scholes!

Thomas mentored for the first time last fall and had a great time!  “I enjoyed inspiring and motivating and relieving pressure from the unknown by answering questions. I enjoyed watching them grow and opening their eyes to various artistic concepts, theories and philosophy. I also enjoyed learning quite a bit myself through the process of teaching.”

Brock Cooper, one of Thomas’s past mentees wanted to gain a thorough understanding of Photoshop and an inspired perspective.  He created some awesome work below.

“We critiqued works of mine with paint overs and direct explanation of professional techniques. I enjoyed constant Q&A and insights into working as a commercial artist…It was great to have the attention of someone I look up to, Thomas was very encouraging and inspiring in his teaching.”

Brock’s final advice to Thomas’s next mentee?  “This is one of the best things you could ever do to help your career. Thomas is an awesome teacher and has a wealth of knowledge that can really help you level up. Good luck and work hard!”

Another one of Thomas’s mentees, Amei Zhao also got a lot out the mentorship.  “I was most interested in hearing about my Mentor’s thought process when creating images, as well as observing how he uses the digital medium for maximum effect.

I feel I managed via observation, to integrate the processes my mentor uses into my own way of creating art. On a less prosaic level I would say the mentorship helped me gain confidence as an artist; just developing that rapport with someone who has “been there, done that” is invaluable!

The learning aspect and just being able to have guidance with people who have more experience. As a new artist, I learned many things that I was not aware of, not just technical processes but also in terms of working in the field.”

Amei’s final advice?  “Work out what you want to get out of this mentorship, be open to a different mindset and be willing to ask questions!”

Be sure to check out Thomas’s full profile page and apply soon!

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