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Mentor of the Day: Dean Yeagle

DeanYeagle_6If you missed the opportunity to work with the legendary Dean Yeagle last time, be sure you don’t miss out this time!

Dean’s background includes producing, direction, design, storyboarding, layout and animation; character design for film and corporate clients, children’s books, comic books, editorial illustration and gag cartoons for Playboy Magazine.  He’s done just about everything in the animation industry and is back as a Spring 2013 mentor for anyone looking to get better at creating more iconic work.

Maca Gil, Dean’s past mentee learned a lot working with him.  “Dean is really nice and funny, but also really professional. He would tell me straight what I need to work on and how to do it. It was really pleasant to read his emails. I liked how I trusted everything he told me. With other teachers there’s always the possibility that you don’t always agree on what they say. Being able to pick a specific person who is your idol is really nice. You always need different points of view to see a piece of art and decide what the mistakes are, and having someone who you completely trust is just great for that because you KNOW they’re right! I liked how I could trust him. He also made me learn about so many different artists that inspired me a lot. He recommended an art book I’m loving and just the general experience was really great!”

She also learned “that I should draw everyday, all the time. I got used to drawing everywhere I went thanks to Dean. He taught me to draw from life a LOT and that has helped my art so much! It is really important to understand the real proportions and anatomy before being able to stylize them. Something really important he also taught me are some of the basic principles of animation (which I wasn’t aware of before talking to him) and how to treat the line of action when drawing. To make the figures expressive and loose.

But I think the most important thing for me was that I started thinking completely different about art. I was really enthusiastic to learn and Dean gave me a lot of inspiration and motivation throughout these 10 weeks! I now take art more seriously and try to draw things out of my “comfort zone”.  I’ve learned so much.”

Maca’s advice for Dean’s next mentee?  “Be ready to draw a lot of sketches! And that Dean is really funny and they’ll enjoy it a lot.”

Don’t forget to check out Dean’s profile page and past mentor of the day post.  Also check out this really cool video that shows some of his process!

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