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Congratulations to Our Spring 2013 Mentees!


With each round, we see more and more talented applicants.  Our SPRING 2013 Motivarti Mentorship Program, was no different and the decisions were very hard to make.  After very careful analysis and deliberation, we have finished reviewing all the applications and we’re thrilled to announce our SPRING 2013 Motivarti Mentees!

Francesca Natale (Kathy Altieri)

Dave Johnson (Mike Belzer)

Karina McBeth (Clio Chiang)

Domareen Fox (Craig Elliott)

Kat Seale (Samy Fecih)

Eden Cook (Cory Godbey)

Sarah Marino (Leighton Hickman)

Kelsey Eng (Leighton Hickman)

Keiko Murayama (Dan Krall)

Marko Bajic (Octavio Rodriguez)

Stephanie Stine (Octavio Rodriguez)

Bryan Wong (Griselda Sastrawinata)

Cameron Mousavi (Thomas Scholes)

David Dymond (Thomas Scholes)

Shane Richardson (Thomas Scholes)

Jess Blank (Mike Yamada)

Adam Knight (Dean Yeagle)

Adam Chung (Victoria Ying)

*Not all mentees opted to have their name and/or link appear on the list above. 

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