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Class Details: Copyrights and Contract Essentials for Aritsts

CopyrightBannerIn addition to managing Motivarti, Jackie and I are both working artists. One of the most valuable classes we took in art school involved understanding copyrights and contracts for artists. Since graduating, we’ve been able use what we learned in that class to protect our rights of copy when we create work, as well as how to craft contracts that ensure we’ll be compensated for our freelance work.

We’ve asked Michelle Katz, an entertainment arts lawyer and professor, to teach a special, 4-hour intensive class that covers what you’ll need to know about copyright and contracts. Whether this is completely new information for you or you need a refresh on current practices, you’ll find that this workshop will have everything you need to protect your valuable assets–your time and your creative work.

As a skilled educator, Michelle has a way of making what seems like a formidable topic very accessible. She also typically provides template contracts to students, so that you have a place to start when drafting your own for use. There will also be plenty of time for questions and discussions of situations that frequently arise for freelance artists.

The workshop will cover the following essentials:

– the legal benefits and protections you get from copyrighting your work
– how to apply for copyright, step by step
– enforcing your copyright against infringement
– the forms and licenses you’ll need for your freelance business
– how to interpret and respond to dense corporate contracts
– how to create a contract to protect yourself and your work
– what to do when someone breaks a contract with you

From our own experience, we can’t overstate the benefits of a basic knowledge of copyright and contracts. We hope to see you for the workshop in July!

— Laura, Motivarti

For more information about the Copyrights and Contract Essentials for Artists workshop, please click here. To register, please click here.

Michelle Katz has worked as a lawyer for over 26 years, including time as in-house counsel for the Writers Guild, major motion picture studios and internet companies. She currently works with a network of local and international lawyers to help artists, designers, inventors, and a variety of new companies develop, launch and grow their businesses. Michelle is on the faculty at Art Center College of Design and California College of the Arts, teaching business law.

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