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Mentor of the Day: Mark McDonnell

©Mark_McDonnell_Turtle_03_MIKEMotivarti is happy to welcome back mentor Mark McDonnell for our Fall 2013 Mentorship! Mark is a highly respected artist, character designer, and teacher throughout the animation industry. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t smile instantly when you mention taking a class from him! He has a long resume of clients including: Disney, Pixar, Miramax, Fox, Mattel, Sony, Legendary Pictures, The Jim Henson Company, and many more! He is excited to take on new mentees, including international, and adjusting the 10-week plan to the goals and needs of his mentees.

His previous mentee, Michelle Ouellette, created a blog following her experience with mentoring under Mark McDonnell, she told us, “I originally created it because it was more convenient then emailing, but now it’s really awesome because I can see my improvement on one page!” Creating a blog for a mentorship is such a great way to see a student’s progress over ten weeks, and we hope other mentors and mentees consider this method in the future!

Michelle told us about how Mark stressed the importance of combining story & character, “Mark was so wonderful getting me to understand character design, but most importantly really being able to get me to think differently about how to get the feeling and story of who the character really is.”

And with the help of Skype, even though Michelle lives in Michigan, Mark was able to digitally draw over her work and make corrections, Michelle informed us, “Not only was this super helpful to learn from, but I have those notes to keep and work with for the future!”

Her advice for Mark’s upcoming mentees, “If you want to work with Mark, then you need to work very hard and have the time set aside to work. Also, having a great attitude and being enthusiastic is really important, too!”

Here’s some of Michelle Ouellette’s work completed during her mentorship!

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