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Mentor of the Day: Joe Pitt

JoePitt_07We are pleased to welcome first time mentor Joe Pitt to our Fall 2013 Motivarti Mentorship! Joe’s whimsical sense of design & direction can be seen all over the place these days. He’s a director on Disney’s “Gravity Falls”, was the lead designer for Disney’s “Wander Over Yonder”, and contributed to Walt Disney Animation Studios on projects such as “Princess and the Frog”, “Winnie the Pooh”, and “Wreck-It Ralph”. We are so honored that he has joined our list of mentors!

Joe’s art was also featured in the “Pen to Paper: My Imaginary Friend” gallery show and Kickstarter book. The show and book featured animation artists illustrating to stories written by kids in Los Angeles. Joe illustrated a short story titled, “My Imaginary Friend” written by Angie A. (aged 6).


His ideal mentee has some draftsmanship under their belt, and a clear idea of what they want to do for the 10 week mentorship. He is happy to shape lesson plans around his mentee’s needs or personal goals, and to skype or meet locally depending on his mentee’s location. Joe would be a perfect mentor for a driven young artist that’s ready to work hard!

If you’re itching to see more work & inspiration from Mr. Pitt, check out his tumblr! If you want to see the amazing art that has influenced Joe, check out his inspiration tumblr ‘Straights Against Curves’!

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