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Mentor of the Day: Craig Elliott

CraigElliott_enchanted_compWe are pleased to have our long time mentor Craig Elliott return once again for our Fall 2013 Mentorship Program! Craig has one of the most extensive resumes in the industry, having worked as a freelance Visual Development Artist for Disney, DreamWorks, Blue Sky, Illumination Entertainment, Nickelodeon, and many more. Craig is also an Illustrator and Fine Artist, and can be seen painting away in his booth at many conventions. He has consistently received great feedback from his mentees since the beginning of our program, and would be an excellent mentor for any Visual Development Artist in training.

If you are an international student, you’re in luck that Craig has always been one of our mentors that is happy to take on international students – something not every mentor is able to do. Craig’s Spring 2013 mentee Domareen Fox lives in the UK, she told us about how they handled the distance, “We used Skype throughout so I could watch Craig live-paint with the screen share and easily swap between that and talking face to face on webcam.” A great method many of our long-distance mentors and mentees have used!

Here’s some of Domareen’s work over the 10 week mentorship!

What were some of the things she learned while mentoring under Craig? “Lighting, colour and a new method of painting! I also learned a great deal about the current animation industry from a professional’s viewpoint who has seen it grow, and has worked in a great variety of studios.”

Domareen had nothing but positive things to tell us about Craig, “Honestly, it was the most uplifting experience to be talking to a professional who was so open and caring, Craig is very easy to communicate with and has great personality, he cares greatly about all his past mentees too which is very important – he likes to see them through to success.”

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