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Mentor of the Day: Dan Krall

DanKrall_1Dan Krall has a plethora of fantastic animated films & television shows he’s worked on, from ‘Samurai Jack’ to ‘Coraline’ to ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ – he is any potential mentee’s dream come true! We are so happy that Dan has decided to return to Motivarti for another season of mentorship!

If you’re a local in the Los Angeles area, Dan is a great mentor that has worked in so many aspects of the animation industry. He’s been a Background Designer & Painter, Story Artist, Character Designer, Art Director, Development Artist and is a Children’s book Author and Illustrator. He is also currently a visual development artist at Sony Pictures Animation.

Dan’s Spring 2013 mentee Keiko Murayama, has had nothing but kind words to share with us, “I had so much fun working with him! He right away saw what was my weakness, what could be pushed, and patiently taught me how to make it better. By the end, I had a sketchbook full of his wisdom, which I can apply to anything I will create in the future. I learned: be good at what you are given to do, and it will eventually lead to where you want to be.”

Check out some of Keiko’s pieces from her 10 week mentorship! She delighted us with proof of her growth by sharing her before and after images!

Dan is looking for a mentee with a similar taste in art to his own, an artist that enjoys drawing loose and funny, but also focuses more on the idea behind each drawing. Be prepared to have your artistic abilities pushed to the next level, Dan is excited to help his mentee focus on their weaknesses and grow quickly during their ten weeks!

Who would be a great match with Dan? Keiko told us, “If you have weird sense of humor in art, Mr. Krall’d be perfect mentor for you.”

Be sure to also check out Dan’s blog which includes some fantastic behind the scenes peeks about the making of his stop motion trailer for his children’s book, “The Great Lollipop Caper”!

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