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Mentor of the Day: Scott Watanabe

ScottWatanabe_BookStore+21We are delighted to bring visual development artist extraordinaire Scott Watanabe back to Motivarti for our Fall 2013 mentorship! Scott has been working away at Disney Feature Animation, he helped make films like Tangled, Wreck-it Ralph, and Disney’s short film ‘Paperman’ look beautiful! He’s a busy guy, so be sure to apply for him while he has the time to be a mentor!

Scott’s previous mentee, Melissa King, told us about how much she enjoyed learning from her mentor, “I’m so glad I got this opportunity! I really appreciate that programs like this exist. I was able to get the one on one feedback I really needed and wanted to grow as an artist and make my portfolio better. “

Here is some of Melissa’s work completed during her mentorship with Scott!

Scott is looking for a mentee that’s in need of some general career and industry advice. He is looking forward to helping them with their skill improvement and working on portfolio revisions and project-based assignments. A great thing to remember is that Scott is open to international students as well, which means you can live anywhere and still have him as a mentor!

Another previous mentee, Sarah Sloyer, told us what she enjoyed most about working with Scott, “I really enjoyed being able to see my mentor draw and watch how he approached problems; having him demonstrate techniques was very helpful, and seeing how he worked was nice because it made me rethink the way I’d been doing things and get a fresh perspective.”

Check out some of Sarah’s work completed during her mentorship with Scott!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sarah Sloyer recommended to any of Scott’s future mentees, “Work hard and draw as much as possible — the more work you can show each week, the more feedback and critique you get, so put in 110% of your effort and offer as much as you can.”

You can also see some of Scott’s work in the book “Peck N Paw and The Black Mirror”, an anthology of delightful art from the Disney visual development team!

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