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Mentor of the Day: Cory Godbey

CoryGodbey_thp_drawing023Cory Godbey is in for another session of mentoring, and Motivarti is so happy to welcome him back! It’s such a delight to have Cory as a mentor, he has worked all over the illustration & animation industry and has such a wealth of knowledge to share. He has worked on projects for such companies as HarperCollins, Random House, Archaia and The Jim Henson Co, just to name a few! Cory is also available as an international mentor, a great opportunity for those that live outside the LA area.

Cory is looking to find a hardworking and dedicated mentee that is hoping to expand his or her own visual vocabulary. He’s willing to shape the ten weeks towards the needs of the individual, and help them develop a new series of work. He would be a fantastic match for any aspiring or trained illustrator that’s hungry for some artistic growth!

Cory’s Spring 2013 mentee Eden Cook told us, “Cory is really open to hearing what you have to say and is thrilled to help you with whatever you want to work on. Think about what it is you want to work on, but also ask him for his advice on where he sees your strengths. Also those with a passion for fantasy art might do better with this mentor because of his experience at FaerieCon and various Comic Con events.”

Check out Eden’s work from his mentorship with Cory!

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