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Mentor of the Day: Katy Wu

KatyWu_5We offer a warm welcome to one of our newest mentors, Katy Wu! Katy is a phenomenally talented artist that has worked for Pixar, Laika, and Henry Selick’s CinderBiter. She is currently working at Google as a Doodler, where her images appear on Google’s main page for the whole world to see! She would be a perfect match for any aspiring visual development artist!

Katy’s visual development work can be spotted inspiring Laika’s “Coraline” as well as Pixar’s short film “La Luna”. Enjoy some of her lovely work below!

Katy is looking for two mentees within the United States, artists that are interested in pushing for strong and intelligent ideas behind their designs. They can pick any visual development project they would like to focus on during their ten weeks as her mentee. Her mentees will learn more than just the technical skills needed to put into their pieces! They will learn how to put research into their work, and develop a stronger sense of design and color! All important things to keep in mind when developing a strong visual development portfolio!

Check out some of Katy’s work as a Google Doodler, as well as some of her visual development work on Pixar’s cancelled ‘Newt’ feature on her blog!

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