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Mentor of the Day: Leighton Hickman

LeightonHickman_BorkKEYSLJHLeighton Hickman is returning for what is certain to be another fantastic mentorship session, we are so glad to have him back! Leighton is a visual development artist at DreamWorks, and recently worked on Chris Sanders’ “The Croods”! He is open to mentoring up to two mentees from anywhere in the world!

He is looking for self motivated and extremely dedicated mentees! He’s happy to provide career advice and help his mentees victoriously surpass their goals! With Leighton, you will get an indepth view of what it really takes to be a visual development artist working at a major studio.

Sarah Marino, one of Leighton’s Spring 2013 mentees told us, “Leighton was super friendly and I am very lucky to have had this opportunity to network with him and learn from him. He has a lot of passion for teaching, which was very exciting as a student.”

Check out some of Sarah’s lovely work from her mentorship!

Another one of Leighton’s Spring 2013 mentees, Kelsey Eng, had nothing but positive things to say, “My favorite part of the mentorship experience was not only interacting every week with someone who is in the industry I aspire to work in, but also getting to know Leighton as a person since he is such a smart and humble guy. He was really gracious about sharing his knowledge of color and light, and would help by doing paintovers of my work. Understanding that he was able to do in less than 15 minutes what I struggled to do in a day blew my mind and helped me understand the gap in knowledge between students and professionals.”

Here’s some of Kelsey’s work from her mentorship!

Be sure to check out Leighton’s fantastic blog  – it’s a great example of his studio and personal work!

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