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Story in a Picture: Class Wrap-up

helenyoon2_600wframeAt the beginning of the term, Richard Keyes joked that the alternate title of the course, Story in a Picture, could be “Make Me Care”, because that is what he wanted from each illustration produced in the class. Through a series of lectures and critiques, he explained compositional and narrative principles that help build dramatic tension in an illustration, as well as making the viewer care intensely about what would happen to the characters within the image. “Character-conflict-resolution” became our mantra as we learned to boil the visual elements down to the emotional component—that hook that grabs the viewer—then follow through with corollary visual details that supported the story and added even more interest.

Throughout the class, we discussed the characteristics of strong portfolio pieces, and honed in on the idea that telling a compelling story in an image will ultimately catch the attention of recruiters more than simply having images that are strong on skill level only.

The class was a terrific success, and we look forward to offering it again in the future. We’re also proud to be able to present the outstanding student work from the class below. Thank you to Richard Keyes and all of the students for an amazing class!

Jennie Hoffer
Cheryl Kook
Lizzie Nichols
Kelsey Betancourt
Kelsey Eng
Raquel Martinez
Lauren Kreiger
Patrick Ballesteros
Alexandra Vo
Helen Yoon

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