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Karina McBeth’s Experience as a Mentee

NEW+BLOG+BANNER2Congratulations to Karina McBeth for making it into the Walt Disney Story Internship Program!  Karina was a mentee under Clio Chiang and had an amazing experience.  Here’s are a few words from her:

Motivarti changed my life and overall artistic journey, and was a huge factor in helping me get a story internship at Disney.  For the longest time I was looking for extra classes or programs that I could take in order to grow and develop my skills in storyboarding, but I wasn’t able to find any that would provide me with that extra “push” to take my storyboarding to the next level.  However, I had heard from my friends about Motivarti and I saw that Clio Chiang was going to be a mentor for the Spring 2013 term for storyboarding.  I immediately applied for the mentorship under Clio because I was a big fan of her work and wanted to learn from a talented story artist.  I was ecstatic when I received the e-mail that I was chosen as Clio’s mentee, and was so excited to begin learning and growing as an artist.

During the mentorship Clio pushed me to focus on good storytelling, and conveying storytelling ideas in the clearest way possible. In addition, Clio was able to catch common mistakes that were in my work and gave me critiques on how to vary my shot choices, and compose shots in an appealing way that not only were cinematic but were also easy to “read” as an audience member.  My understanding of storyboarding and story grew tremendously during the mentorship and I began to look at film with a whole new perspective.

It was also during the mentorship that Clio helped me to prepare my portfolio for applying for the internship.  Without Clio’s guidance and willingness to push my artistic and storytelling boundaries, I would not have been able to develop a strong enough portfolio for the application.  I couldn’t believe it when I was called by one of the Disney recruiters that I was selected for the Disney Summer Story Internship.

At Disney, I learned a ton about story and what it means to be a story person, and was able to further develop and grow my skills.  In addition, I had the opportunity to chat with Clio and see what projects she was currently working on at the studio, which was inspiring and educational.  I am so thankful for having Clio as my mentor, and for Motivarti’s help in getting my foot in the door. I was able to network with such amazing talent in the industry through my mentorship.  I am currently working as a storyboard revisionist on an upcoming animated feature film and am applying what I learned during my mentorship with Clio.  One day I hope to be back at Disney as a story person and become a mentor myself in the future. I want to inspire the next generation of animation artists.

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with Clio and the Motivarti Mentorhsip Program, Karina! Congrats again for making into the Walt Disney Story Internship Program

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