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James Wood’s Experience as a Mentee

Llama bannerJames Woods was a Motivarti mentee under Victoria Ying during the Fall 2012 round.  After completing his mentorship, he earned a place in the Walt Disney Feature Animation training program during the summer of 2013.

The Motivarti Mentorship Program is a fairly new, but exceedingly special program in the ever growing online artist community, and I was super honoured to have been selected as a mentee in the autumn of 2012. I actually heard about the program via twitter, just 24 hours before the application process was closing, did my research and instantly knew I had to apply for the program with it’s awesome track record and stellar lineup of mentors; many of whom I’ve looked up to for a long time.

Although every mentor is AWESOME, Victoria Ying instantly grabbed my attention. Having been a fan of her work and seeing what she’d produced at Walt Disney Animation, I thought I could identify with her the most artistically and mentally in what I’d love to achieve with my work and so I quickly got my portfolio together and submitted my application. Ultimately, I entered the program so that I could see how my work could be polished and directed towards a feature animation environment as well as grabbing cool insider tips about working process, catering to the needs of the market, and just having fun with a project with someone to guide me along.

As a result, I was able to tailor a portfolio and application for the Walt Disney Animation Studios summer internship program where I was selected to spend eight weeks during the summer of 2013 with a group of hugely talented individuals, one of whom was also a Motivarti alum (Karina McBeth-story). The Motivarti mentorship prepared me creatively and mentally for what I might expect at the internship, and I’m very grateful for Victoria’s generosity and the program’s diversity for accommodating international students. On top of being a great program, it also afforded me the best and most memorable experience of my life at the studio of my dreams. I’m also now a happy student attending CalArts. Thanks Motivarti!

Congratulations again to James!  And thanks for sharing your story!

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