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Mentor of the Day: Meg Hunt

MegHunt_wemakeposterpreviewsmMeg Hunt is a new mentor of ours with an abundance of work as delightful as the artist herself. She is an illustrator that has worked with a ridiculous variety of clients ranging from Disney, DreamWorks, and Cartoon Network – all the way to the publishing worlds of Scholastic, Chronicle Books and Oxford University Press.  She is an aspiring illustrator’s dream mentor!

She is constantly exploring new avenues with her art – always up to the challenge of anything from books to gift cards to textiles. A great inspiration for artists to never pigeonhole themselves, and to be open to every opportunity that comes their way. Meg is looking for two equally passionate artists from anywhere in the world to be her mentees! She would like to work with driven artists that love to bring storytelling into their work. Mentees that come in with set goals, an awareness of what needs to be strengthened in their work, and an excitement towards always evolving and improving their art.

When we asked Meg what sort of relationship she hoped to develop with her mentee, her response warmed our hearts, as her ideal represents everything Motivarti stands for. Meg told us, “I hope to engage with mentees wholly; I love teaching and mentoring because it allows me to get to know another creative, learn from their experiences and help shape their future. I’d love to find ideas I’ve never considered, energize my own practice in working with them, as well as strike up a long lasting connection with another artist.”

Check out Meg’s blog on her website and also her twitter for more amazing art and info about her.

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