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Mentor of the Day: Griselda Sastrawinata

Griselda11-17_06Welcome back to the marvelous, stylish and talented Griselda Sastrawinata! Griselda is a Visual Development artist at DreamWorks Animation, and we are so lucky to have her as a Mentor! Every session of our Mentorship, Griselda’s students improve tenfold, and they always have lovely things to say about her!

She helped Fall 2013 Mentee, Isaac Liang put together a Visual Development portfolio to apply for jobs in the United States. He told us, “[Griselda] is very knowledgeable and professional. I am grateful for this Motivarti opportunity.” One of the great things about Griselda is her ability to take on international students and give them an opportunity to connect to the animation industry no matter their location.

Fellow Fall 2013 Mentee, Nneka Myers wrote extensively about her time with Griselda. Prior to her Mentorship, she had never explored creating environments, and had used Photoshop for under a year. She came in with lovely work, and left with a goldmine of experience and new portfolio pieces! Check out some of Nneka’s beautiful work below!

We asked Nneka about her ten weeks with Griselda, she told us, “During this mentorship I accomplished creating a visual style and portfolio work from my thesis film. It was a big learning experience, and I learned a lot in the importance of getting a properly laid out portfolio, to color flow, to telling a story all in such a short amount of time. She also taught me so many neat tricks in Photoshop that I wish I knew years ago to save me time, but I am super glad I know them now! I feel a lot more confident in Photoshop than I ever did before! I even paint a lot faster which is a big surprise for me.”

You can check out more of Nneka’s experience with Griselda and Motivarti via her write up on her tumblr!

Griselda is truly a charming and influential Mentor, and we can’t wait to see what her Mentees do next! Be sure to check out Griselda’s work and weekly ‘Tuesday Tips’ on her tumblr!

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