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Mentor of the Day: Octavio Rodriguez

Octavio_Page011We are pleased to have seasoned Pixar Story Artist, Octavio Rodriguez return for another exciting session of our Motivarti Mentorship! He recently worked on “Monsters University” and the upcoming “Dia de Los Muertos”, and has been apart of so many other fantastic projects! Octavio is willing to take on up to two mentees from anywhere in the world, a fantastic opportunity for aspiring Story Artists, no matter where they live.

Fall 2013 Mentee Casey Crowe loved his time in the program, one of the things he reflected on was that, “Octavio really helped me be more aware and critical of my shot composition. I feel that I’m much better at creating dynamic, cinematic compositions after this class.“ He also highlighted, “I REALLY appreciated Octavio’s draw-overs of my panels, it was so helpful and inspiring to see how he would revise my work to make it better.”
Check out some of Casey’s Mentorship work below!

Casey offers a message to Octavio’s upcoming mentees, “Congratulations! You’re in for an amazing learning experience. Do as much work as you can so you can get the maximum amount of feedback. Really follow Octavio’s advice and you’ll see some amazing improvements in your work.”

Check out Octavio’s tumblr here.

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